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Blue Oktopus Is The Sole Agent In Asia For Sleep Made To Measure, Which Specialises In The World's ONLY Customisable Pillows And Mattresses.

Currently, our partners which comprises of Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Physiotherapy clinics can be found in SIngapore and Hong Kong.


The Pillow Made To Measure exceeded my expectations and now I can confidently say that this pillow actually works! It’s also a huge plus to know that I am sleeping on 100% organic latex and my pillow will not leave behind any carbon footprints in the future! For that I strongly recommend this pillow to my family and loved ones.
Haley Wong

Yoga and Fitness Specialist

After using the Pillow Made To Measure for 2 weeks, all neck aches that I had experienced due to work stress and a poor rest position melted away.

Jenny Huang


My mummy bought me this pillow because it is very comfortable. I love my pillow!

Katelyn Tan

Stop Neck Pain Today and Wake Up to A Better Day .. Every Day…

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