Consider these amazing facts about your body:

  • The average head weighs about 4.5 to five kilograms (about the weight of a month-old baby)
  • Your neck is made up of just 7 vertebrae (discs), various soft tissues, and muscles
  • These muscles are so strong that they are able to hold the average head upright for 16 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine holding up a 11 pound bowling ball with your hand for an hour non-stop – you most likely can’t do it
  • The neck is immensely strong, but also immensely flexible: it can hold your head still in front of computer screens, but also bend it down towards your mobile phone, while reading, or swivel and tilt your head in any combination of up to six directions.

Given its many functions, is it any wonder that insufficient support for it when you are sleeping can lead to a stiff neck the next morning?

In fact two out of three of us will have experienced general soreness in the neck and shoulder region, and especially the difficulty moving your head to either side that comes with a stiff neck.

While neck pain can also be caused by bad posture, the main culprit is usually bad sleeping posture caused by using a mattress that’s too soft or too hard, or a pillow that’s too thick, too thin, or not firm enough.

Hence the importance of getting the best pillow money can buy – if by “best”, I mean a pillow that molds to your head, neck and shoulders.

What Rich People Buy

An adult who lives to 80 will buy close to about 30 pillows throughout his lifetime, with each pillow lasting about three years on average.  Yet after so many decades, many people are still looking for the best pillow money can buy.

They haven’t found it yet, for a variety of reasons. For a start, off-the-shelf pillows only come in preset sizes like Small, Medium, Large or Xtra Large, which affluent customers purchase in the hopes that they will eventually mold to the unique dimensions of their heads, necks and shoulders.

What’s more, off-the-shelf contour pillows often use petrochemical-based foams that release volatile chemicals over time, posing long-term risks to health and well-being.

And, did you know that the ability of a contour pillow to mold to your head and neck might only last for a few months? The foam that some manufacturers use only keeps getting softer over time, making durability an issue. So you might have to change your expensive pillow more often than others do.

Until now.

What if, instead of looking for a pillow that eventually molds to you, you can get a pillow that is made right for you – right from the start?

What Smart People Buy

The Pillow Made To MeasureTM is the World’S ONLY truly customised contour pillow.  Interesting fact: it is also the only pillow in the world which requires you to be measured before you are allowed to buy one.

The Pillow Made To MeasureTM is part of the customised sleeping products range, Sleep Made To MeasureTM, developed by Dr. Andrew Macfarlane, an osteopath and chiropractor from Australia who spent over a decade researching patents that allow him to create perfect pillows and mattresses made from organic, environmentally-friendly materials.

One of the first patents he developed was the Neck Compression Index rating (NCI) for pillows, which is used to match weight or pressure with the right support and height.  If these don’t match, you get over contraction of your neck and shoulder muscles while you sleep. To relieve the pressure on the neck and shoulders, you end up tossing and turning all night long, which interrupts sleep and causes neck pain.

Each standard Pillow Made To MeasureTM is created from a 24” by 16” pillow and your individual NCI, which specifies the perfect depth and density for you based on your unique custom measurements:

  1. Shoulder Width: Measuring your shoulder width in conjunction with your bed allows Sleep Made To MeasureTM to determine the optimal height your pillow needs to be
  2. Your Weight: This determines the amount of support (firmness) your pillow needs to keep your shoulder and neck muscles in a neutral position. This, together with shoulder width, makes up your Neck Compression Index rating
  3. Your Sleeping Habits: Are you mainly a back or side sleeper? Sleep Made To MeasureTM will make you a pillow that suits the position you prefer
  4. Your Mattress & Bed: The age and hardness of your mattress, as well as type of bed (slat, spring or latex base) will also affect the depth of your custom pillow.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These!

What does it feel like to sleep on a pillow that’s made just for you?

Slip your favourite pillow-case on, turn out the lights, and make yourself comfortable in a matter of seconds. If you are coming to the Pillow Made To MeasureTM from a world of neck pain, the first morning-after will leave you pleasantly surprised.

That’s because you’ve not been flip-flopping throughout the night to find the best position for your poor neck and shoulders. You wake up feeling refreshed, well-rested and mildly puzzled.

After a few more nights, the tension in your shoulders and neck will have melted away. Pretty soon, you’ll start taking a perfect night of rest for granted, and recommending the Pillow Made To MeasureTM to everyone you know with a stiff neck.

Here’s how they too, can get their hands on one!

How To Order

Getting measured for a Pillow Made To MeasureTM can’t get any easier. There’s two options:

#1. Get measured in person

If you (or your friend) are in Singapore or Hong Kong, you can have your Pillow Made To MeasureTM ordered at over 50 partnering chiropractic clinics. Visit the Blue Oktopus clinic directory to find an outlet that’s most convenient for you. Drop by the clinic to get physically measured, and Sleep Made To MeasureTM will do the rest!


#2. Get measured online using a webcam

After putting your order in the cart, click on the words “I am buying the pillow now and would like to measure myself online” to activate your webcam camera. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction.

And you will want to, because compared to off-the-shelf pillows, getting a Pillow Made To MeasureTM is very affordable!

What Is The Price of Freedom (from Neck Pain)?

You might think that having a customised pillow made just for you costs the Earth, or at least one month’s bonus.

But each Pillow Made To MeasureTM only costs SGD$228 – and shipping is free! That’s certainly cheaper than what some premium off-the-shelf contour pillows cost – upwards of SGD$300.

But unlike them, this one is custom-made just for you! Plus, your Pillow Made To MeasureTM is also made of 100% certified organic, carbon-neutral materials, free of chemical fertilisers, and is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, allergy-proof, mite-proof, 100% biodegradable, and comes with a fitted white cotton cover.

Given that each one is based on custom measurements, every one is also hand-made, as well.

So whether your family members or friends are young, old, or pregnant, for the first time ever, you can truly tell them all: “There’s a perfect, yet affordable pillow out there, hand-made just for you, to help solve neck pain. It’s called the Pillow Made To Measure TM. And here’s how you can buy one.”

Pillow Made To Measure TM is a registered trademark of Sleep Made To MeasureTM .  To order, visit Blue Oktopus ( or drop by in person at one of their partner clinics to get measured in person by a health practitioner.