There are some things that most people just wouldn’t buy online without having first trying them out in person. For example, shoes, cars, wedding rings …  you get the idea.

But shopping online has numerous benefits that are now overcoming the average consumer’s traditional need to press, prod and squeeze the thing they want to buy in person, like old ladies and fruits at a market stall.

The first and most important one is huge savings off a traditional retail store. Unlike a brick and mortar mattress store, online mattress shops do not have monthly overheads like shop rental, sales staff salaries, or stocking fees for their merchandise.

In comparison, online mattress shops only have to invest in a one-time website expense, so they can reap huge savings on all of the above and pass them on to you. This means you get cheap mattresses with savings of up to 70% off the retail price, depending on the brand.

Then there’s the fact that you can do all your comparison shopping without leaving your home, on your phone. Compare this to driving all over town to visit mattress stores – something that is not only tiring and time-consuming, but also surprisingly unproductive. Can you really tell the difference between a mattress in a store that you spent half an hour driving to, and the mattress you sat on 30 minutes ago?

It can be hard to compare two mattresses this way. Perhaps what most people do is choose mattresses based on which salesperson they liked the most – and they probably had to bargain hard to get the best price.

Then again, it is true that you can’t get to try out mattresses at all if you shop online. Which is why we think if shopping online for a mattress appeals to you, it is better to get a mattress custom made just for you.

Buying custom made mattresses online

However, custom made mattresses are usually “custom” in terms of size. Dig a little deeper into what is available by e-retailers, and you’ll discover that specifications like firmness, breathability, and the implied personalisation of the mattress to your body, are sorely lacking.

Practically none offer tailoring to your exact weight, and none offer guidance on the best specifications to use for your unique health problems, such as back pain or slipped discs. Additionally, you are very much left on your own throughout the purchase process – there’s no one “live” to help you decide on what you need.

Except for one brand, that is.

Sleep Made To MeasureTM

Sleep Made To MeasureTM sleep products include standard latex pillows, mattresses, and mattress toppers, and made to measure pillows and mattresses. All of these are made from 100% certified organic and carbon-neutral latex.

However, these are not the brand’s main selling point. The most important criteria of a mattress or pillow is how well it suits your body, and that is where Sleep Made To MeasureTM has nailed it, we think.

A Mattress Made To MeasureTM requires critical information to be supplied by you, such as your sleeping style, age, weight, mattress preferred size and depth, likes and dislikes, sleeping habits and even any spinal issues that may affect your sleeping comfort.

From this checklist, a mattress will be custom created for your needs. The firmness is even customised to support your lower and upper back, shoulders, neck and spinal column. What’s more, because the mattress is made from three layers of organic latex, you can even get both sides of the mattress customised, so your partner can sleep just as well as you do.

There are other advantages of organic latex. It lasts longer than memory foam, avoiding the sagging that eventually plagues foam mattresses. And because it isn’t made from petrochemicals, it doesn’t release noxious fumes over time that could harm your body. Organic latex mattresses are also more eco-friendly, because latex comes from environmentally-sustainable rubber tree sap.

Buy Online From A Local Online Mattress Store

Still have doubts? Why not go for the best of both online and brick and mortar stores, by buying your mattress from a reputable local online store? is an official reseller for Sleep Made To MeasureTM products. was started by a former Pilates instructor after she noticed a growing number of clients who came to her because of stiff necks, shoulders and back pains.

As she started researching better pillow and mattress solutions to help them, she discovered Dr. Andrew Macfarlane, an osteopath and chiropractor from Australia who has spent over a decade researching patents that allow him to create perfect pillows and mattresses made from organic, environmentally-friendly materials. His brain child, Sleep Made To MeasureTM, became the result of all his research.

Local customers who bought king size mattresses and queen size mattresses have put up their personal testimonials for all to see. These testimonials, and the site’s efforts to develop partnerships with over 50 osteopath and chiropractic clinics in Singapore and Hong Kong, are an endorsement of the brand and the online store’s trustworthiness.

The best part is, the Made To MeasureTM queen mattress size is priced at only SGD$4260 all in, with all the customisation you need, at A truly customised queen size mattress for this price? Unbelievable. Check out the website for more details and order one today!

Sleep Made To MeasureTM is a registered trademark.  To order a Sleep Made To MeasureTM pillow or mattress online, visit Blue Oktopus ( or drop by in person at one of their partner clinics to get measured by a health practitioner for your very own Made To MeasureTM pillow.