Here’s an interesting fact about shoes: most shoemakers have shoe sizes that go to at least twice that of the smallest size available, and widths that go up to at least one and a half times that. And in between, the shoes will come in any number of incremental steps from smallest to largest.

Likewise, pants, skirts and other clothes are available in a wide range of measurements, and add additional parameters such as neck diameter, chest circumference, and cuff lengths to tailor to individual preferences.

There is much variation in clothing, because human bodies are infinitely variable, and comfort matters. But this degree of flexibility in sizes and fit only exists in the world of garments and shoes.

What about pillows and mattresses?

The same spread of fit and comfort does not apply equally to bedding materials. Yes, you can get custom made mattresses from a top mattress store, but the mattress dimensions you can get are pretty much restricted to the size of the bed. Yet, if you think about it, don’t people have different bodily requirements for mattresses, just like they do with clothes and shoes?

Dr. Andrew Macfarlane, an Australian osteopath and chiropractor, certainly thinks so. With that in mind, over the last decade, he has created a range of bedding products called Sleep Made To MeasureTM, which includes Made To MeasureTM mattresses.

A Made To MeasureTM mattress requires you to provide critical personal factors such as your age and weight. His team will also interview you to find out your preferred size and depth of a mattress, likes and dislikes in a mattress, sleeping habits and spinal issues that may affect your sleeping comfort.

All these provide the guidelines according to which your mattress will be customised and created just for you. The mattress itself is made of 100% certified organic latex, and is built to support the weight of your lower and upper back, shoulders, neck and spinal column.

And, unlike cheap mattresses, you can even customise both sides of the mattress, so that you and your partner – with your different individual measurements, preferences, and needs – can both enjoy your customised sleep experience together, without having to buy two mattresses.

And of course, you can have your Made To MeasureTM in queen mattress size, or opt for a king size mattress.

What about customised pillows?

There’s even less choice when it comes to pillows in retail. Most bed pillows only come in a few different sizes – small, medium or large – and nearly no pillow manufacturers offer your choice of height, depth or firmness. The best bed pillow you can get can only be found by trying out many different brands and models before you find a pillow design that suits you.

Plus, a casual search on Google for the words “customised pillow” will only give you mattress stores that give you the ability to customise decorative pillows, not an actual bed pillow itself.  Certainly, you don’t get to choose the materials your pillow is made from, how tall it is, how firm it is or how wide it is relative to your mattress – all important details if you are looking for pillows for side sleepers.

In short, the customised sleep pillow doesn’t really exist in the world of retail bedding; I bet this is the first time you’ve heard of it too!

But as mentioned – don’t people all have different shoulder widths, different-sized heads, and different sleeping styles?

Here’s another fact: the average woman will have an average of over 400 pairs of shoes in her lifetime – and own about 19 pairs at any one time.  In contrast, we only have up to 30 pillows during our lifetimes, and unless you are sleeping in many different places, you’ll only own one pillow at any one time.

Why not make it a pillow that’s made to measure – for you?

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Pillow Made To MeasureTM is that dream pillow.

Also created by Dr. Macfarlane, this is, as far as I can tell, the World’S ONLY truly customised contour pillow.

Each pillow is hand made in Australia, and designed for you based on your score on Dr. Macfarlane’s patented Neck Compression Index rating (NCI), which matches you to a unique pillow depth and density.

Additionally, details of your weight, sleeping habits, mattress and bed are required to create the best bed pillow for you – this is why it is also the only sleep pillow in the world which requires you to be measured before you are allowed to buy one.

What are the benefits?

Think about what it feels like to wear shoes that don’t fit just right, or clothes that are too tight or too loose for your body. Now imagine wearing these uncomfortable items over long periods of time. It’s the same with a pillow that doesn’t fit you.

With a made to measure pillow, you’ll get to reap the benefits of a perfect fit. With correct support for your weight and shoulder height, there is less stress on your neck and shoulder muscles while you are trying to fall asleep. This prevents tossing and turning, insomnia and frequent waking through the night, leading to better quality sleep and increased productivity during the day.

How to order

To get your own customised made to measure pillow, visit, which is a top mattress store based in Singapore.  The Blue Oktopus has a clinic directory where you can find the addresses of over 50 partnering chiropractic clinic outlets in Singapore or Hong Kong, where you can get examined by healthcare professionals for your Pillow Made To MeasureTM.

Or, after putting your order in the cart, click on the words “I am buying the pillow now and would like to measure myself online” to activate your webcam. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction. I got measured online via Blue Oktopus for my own Pillow Made To MeasureTM, and the process couldn’t be easier.

Each Pillow Made To MeasureTM costs only SGD$228 with free shipping thrown in. They are also made of 100% certified organic, carbon-neutral materials, free of chemical fertilisers, and is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, allergy-proof, mite-proof, 100% biodegradable, and come with fitted white cotton covers.

And that’s it! Just sit back, count down the days till your dream pillow arrives, and look forward to having sweet dreams!

Pillow Made To MeasureTM` and Mattress Made To MeasureTM are registered trademarks of Sleep Made To MeasureTM .  To order, visit Blue Oktopus ( or drop by in person at one of their partner clinics to get measured in person by a health practitioner.