Perfect sleep bundle

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Pillow Made to Measure Contour + My Away Pillow Contour + Sleeping Support Pillow (Adult)


Developed by Dr Andrew Macfarlane DC, DO Osteopath and ChiropractorPillows Made to Measure – Contour is a world first in being able to offer you a customised pillow that suits your individual sleeping needs plus the unique health benefits of our 100% Certified Organic Latex.

In fact it is the only pillow in the world that you need to be measure for before you can buy one.

We know because we own the patents on it!

My Away pillow is just that, allowing you to take the same but smaller version of the Pillow Made to Measure you love at home away with you when you travel ,so that you can continue to have a great night’s sleep while you are away.

Our Sleeping Support pillow is designed to help establish and maintain good sleeping posture habits when sleeping .You can easily mould this smaller pillow to:

  • Support your neck and shoulders hugging the pillow in front of you.
  • Support one or both knees by placing the pillow either under or between your knees.
  • Support your lower back by placing the pillow behind your back or under your knees to support your back if sleeping on your back.
  • Support your stomach and stop you twisting forward during the night.
  • Support your arms, elbows and shoulder by placing the pillow in front of you when sleeping.

Product Description

Pillow Made to Measure – Contour

  • Our Pillow Made to Measure comes with a fitted white cotton cover and, except for the really big ones, will fit into a normal pillow cover that can be machine washed/dried
  • Inner Cover removable soft jersey
  • 60cm x 40cm (24in x 16in) x depth varies according to your measurements
  • Contour in shape but varies according to your measurements
  • Density varies according to your NCi rating (Neck Compression Index rating)

Pillow Made to Measure –My Away

  • Matches the same density and NCi measurements as your ‘Pillow Made to Measure
  • 40cm ( 16in) in length, instead of usual 60cm ( 23in )
  • Comes with its own compression bag (easy to use without vacuum suction) so it takes up as little room as possible in your luggage
  • Fitted removable outer cover that can be machine washed/dried
  • Inner removable cover

Sleeping Support pillow

  • Adult 48 x 33 x 12 cm (18 x 13 x 5 inches)
  • Flexible, mouldable, latex down, uniquely designed for support
  • Comes with an extra inner jersey cover to seal in the latex down and is finished with a 100 % cotton outer cover.
  • Outer cover is removable and machine washable and dryable


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