Pillow made to measure

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Pillow Made To Measure is the World’s ONLY pillow that is customized to your individual needs.

We understand how frustrating it can be to buy pillows after pillows and yet not be able to find the perfect one that can support your head and neck in a good position throughout the night, eventually causing you pain and discomfort.

Developer of the Pillow Made To Measure series of Sleep Products, Dr Andrew Macfarlane has treated thousands of patients in his 38 years working as a chiropractor and osteopath. This invaluable experience has given him the base from which he developed upon over a 10 year period  to design a Pillow that would be perfect for every individual.

We are not built the same…our mattresses are different…  our sleeping position is different … all these factors are taken into account when we construct your perfect pillow.


No other pillow manufacturer in the world is able to customize a perfect pillow for every individual to the extent that we can.

We are so confident that we can make the perfect pillow for you that we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all products in our made to measure series.

Product Description

Type: Contour

Material: 100% Carbon Neutral Organic Latex

Size : Length 60cm , Width 30cm , Height Customised based on measurements

Density/ Firmness: Customised according to assessment of measurement and information provided


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