You may have heard of the Sleep Made To MeasureTM brand of custom mattresses and pillows by now.

If you haven’t, here’s their brand proposition in a nutshell: made to measure pillows are better for you because they are made exactly to your requirements, preventing insomnia and delivering better quality of sleep. Plus, they are 100% certified organic, made of carbon-neutral materials, chemical fertilisers-free, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, allergy-proof, mite-proof, and 100% biodegradable.

Sleep Made To MeasureTM was created by an Australian osteopath and chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Macfarlane. Its origin story goes like this: the good doctor once bought every pillow he could find to discover why none of them were any good for him.

Time passed by in a blink of an eye, and just like that, he has spent over a decade researching patents that allow him to create perfect pillows and mattresses, made from organic, environmentally-friendly materials.

The result is his Sleep Made To MeasureTM range of sleeping products, which includes organic latex pillows, mattresses, and mattress toppers, made from organic-latex; and made to measure pillows and mattresses, available for both adults and kids.

Now what makes these pillows and mattresses perfect? Well, each of these dream pillows and mattresses are custom-made for you and you alone. In fact, they won’t even let you place an order unless your personal measurements, weight, sleeping habits, personal preferences and spinal issues are first provided.

The pillows and mattresses are then hand-made in Australia, and shipped out to you via international freight.

However …

“Sleep Made To MeasureTM is only available online? Why would anyone dare buy a custom-made mattress online?” scoffed a female friend of mine. She was right.

Most people I know wouldn’t, mainly I think because of cultural reasons. The first cultural issue is that, when it comes to buying big-ticket items costing from between hundreds to thousands of dollars, many Singaporeans prefer to be able to see and touch the product first, and have a brick-and-mortar shop staff alongside to answer their questions.

The second hurdle is, even if you have the physical pillow or mattress to see and touch, you can’t really do any meaningful testing if you are buying something that’s made to measure. After all, whatever is available to test is by definition, made for someone else.

It thus becomes a judgement call on whether your own made-to-measure mattress or pillow will “measure up” to your expectations when it finally shows up. And we Asians aren’t always known for being big risk-takers.

Despite facing these two issues, I decided to go ahead with the purchase of my Pillow Made To MeasureTM anyway. Here’s why.

  1. Sleep Made To MeasureTM Has A Local Advocate

In the form of one Jacqueline Lee, founder of, the online  mattress store where I bought my Pillow Made To MeasureTM.

A former Pilates instructor by day, Jacqueline decided to start Blue Oktopus after she noticed a growing number of clients who came to her because of stiff necks, shoulders and back pains.

Jacqueline was not content with simply helping her clients feel better with Pilates sessions. She soon came across the Sleep Made To MeasureTM brand while researching ways to help her clients achieve better sleep posture at night.

In no time, she became an affiliate of Sleep Made To MeasureTM, obtained a business grant from Spring! Singapore, and went to work, to make their custom-made mattresses and pillows available locally!

  1. Blue Oktopus Founder Truly Believes In The Products

Jacqueline is more than just an online mattress store founder. Informed by her former practice as a Pilates instructor, she truly believes in the importance of better sleep posture, and how custom-made bedding can help solve the many sleep problems that plague Singaporeans.

In fact, demand for these custom-made sleeping products has been so strong that she recently quit her job as a Pilates instructor to dedicate herself to running full-time.

Running the site for her is more than a full-time job, she says, as she is continually inspired to help Singaporeans sleep better at night and live more fully during the day.

  1. Blue Oktopus Has A Strong Relationship With Sleep Made To MeasureTM

Having a local brand evangelist also means a direct line of communication with the principal should you run into any problems with the buying process, shipment or product.

This also in part solves the Singaporean’s deep-seated desire to engage with staff from a brick and mortar shop before committing to buy.  For me, getting in touch with Jacqueline to have my own Sleep Made To MeasureTM questions answered was very nearly the same thing!

  1. Blue Oktopus Has Over 50 Partnering Clinics
    In fact, the more you talk to her, the more you realise her passion extends also to getting qualified partners to work with her.

If you visit, you’ll find a directory of more than 50 partnering clinics, featuring chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists, where you can get yourself physically measured for a Pillow Made To MeasureTM by a healthcare professional near you.

Now, if the brand or the online mattress store isn’t any good, would they want to become her partners? This was yet another vote of confidence that I found reassuring.

  1. Local Testimonials, From Local Buyers

Jacqueline has also found a number of happy Blue Oktopus customers who were willing to put up their personal testimonials on the online mattress store. That these testimonials come from local buyers was what finally sold the brand and the online mattress store to me.

After all, these are recognisably local people, who share my uniquely Singaporean demands and expectations. If Blue Oktopus passed their standards and quality tests, that’s good enough for me.

Have I got you interested in buying your own custom-made pillow or mattress? Pop over to to check out their range of bedding products today!

Sleep Made To MeasureTM is a registered trademark.  To order a Sleep Made To MeasureTM pillow or mattress online, visit Blue Oktopus ( or drop by in person at one of their partner clinics to get measured by a health practitioner for your very own Made To MeasureTM pillow.