Imagine you have a pebble in your shoe. Now imagine you never take it out. Over a day, that’s thousands of steps you are taking with a pebble in your shoe, pressing into your sole and contorting your ankle, knee and hips. That’s how you get painful feet and other foot disorders.

Unlike stones in shoes, which tend to be taken out immediately, most people tend to do nothing about problems with their bedding, and will go nights, weeks, months – and finally years, without trying to improve their situations.

The reason is partly because there are so few viable solutions to bad bedding. After all, how many mattresses and pillows can one person really afford to buy and try, until he finds the perfect one?

Sleep Made To MeasureTM

Dr. Andrew Macfarlane has done just that. An osteopath and chiropractor from Australia, he once bought every pillow he could find to discover why none of them were any good. And he has spent over a decade researching patents that allow him to create perfect pillows and mattresses, made from organic, environmentally-friendly materials.

His Sleep Made To MeasureTM range of sleep products is billed as the world’s only 100% certified organic and carbon-neutral latex, and are also the only truly customisable mattresses and pillows you can buy.

Dr. Macfarlane says his products are designed to address two problems that come with modern mass-produced mattresses and pillows: the use of preset sizes which force indivduals to conform to the shape, thickness and firmness of their pillows regardless of their own unique proportions; and the widespread use of petro-chemical based foams which release potentially dangerous chemicals (outgassing) over time.

Hence his range is broadly split into two categories: organic latex pillows, mattresses, and mattress toppers, made from organic-latex, and made to measure pillows and mattresses (which are of course, also 100% organic latex).

Each category also includes a kids-specific selection. For this story, I shall focus only on their Made To MeasureTM pillows and mattresses for adults.

Pillows Made To MeasureTM

The Pillow Made To MeasureTM is the World’S ONLY truly customised contour pillow.  Interesting fact: it is also the only pillow in the world which requires you to be measured before you are allowed to buy one.

One of the first patents Dr. Macfarlane developed was the Neck Compression Index rating (NCI) for pillows, which is used to match weight or pressure with the right support and height.  If these don’t match, you get over contraction of your neck and shoulder muscles while you sleep. To relieve the pressure on the neck and shoulders, you end up tossing and turning all night long, which interrupts sleep and causes neck pain.

Each standard Pillow Made To MeasureTM is created from a 24” by 16” pillow and your individual NCI, which specifies the perfect depth and density for you based on your unique custom measurements:

  1. Shoulder Width: Measuring your shoulder width in conjunction with your bed allows Sleep Made To MeasureTM to determine the optimal height your pillow needs to be
  2. Your Weight: This determines the amount of support (firmness) your pillow needs to keep your shoulder and neck muscles in a neutral position. This, together with shoulder width, makes up your Neck Compression Index rating
  3. Your Sleeping Habits: Are you mainly a back or side sleeper? Sleep Made To MeasureTM will make you a pillow that suits the position you prefer
  4. Your Mattress & Bed: The age and hardness of your mattress, as well as type of bed (slat, spring or latex base) will also affect the depth of your custom pillow.

Mattresses Made To MeasureTM

Like the Made To MeasureTM pillow, to make a Made To MeasureTM mattress, critical personal factors such as your age and weight have to be provided. The team will also interview you to find out your preferred size and depth of a mattress, likes and dislikes in a mattress, sleeping habits and spinal issues that may affect your sleeping comfort.

All these provide the guidelines according to which the mattress will be customised for you. The mattress itself is made of 100% certified organic latex, and is built to support your lower and upper back, shoulders, neck and spinal column.

You can even customise both sides of the mattress, so that you and your partner – with your different individual measurements, preferences, and needs – can both enjoy your customised sleep experience together, without having to buy two mattresses.

Made For Your Wallet

Are Dr. Macfarlane’s products expensive? Relative to what other mass-produced luxury brand mattresses and pillows cost, no.

Plus, don’t forget, as we get older, our buying power increases as well.

Ironically, the point in our lives when we desire $5000 mattresses, $300 pillows and other absurdly expensive sleeping products is also when decades of poor posture and bad bedding choices culminate in chronic aches and pains, robbing us of the quality of life we worked so hard to achieve.

But the Made To Measure PillowTM will only cost you SGD$228, including shipping from Australia, where each one is made by hand. And a full Made To MeasureTM Queen-sized mattress – also hand made – is priced at only SGD$4260 all in, well below the 5k threshold of pain.

If anything, they are underpriced. Remember, each one has to be made by hand and each one is unique in the world.

Besides, every Sleep Made To MeasureTM product is 100% certified organic, made of carbon-neutral materials, free of chemical fertilisers, and is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, allergy-proof, mite-proof, and 100% biodegradable.

So not only are they affordable, they are good for both you, Mother Earth and your kids’ future. That has got to help you all sleep even better at night.

Sleep Made To MeasureTM is a registered trademark.  To order a Sleep Made To MeasureTM pillow or mattress online, visit Blue Oktopus ( or drop by in person at one of their partner clinics to get measured by a health practitioner for your very own Made To MeasureTM pillow.